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The payment system with the lowest fees

Everything you need to accept online payments. Accept online payments on any device or channel, regardless of your business model. Fast connection, modern payment methods, high conversion rates of your business.

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A1 Pay
Coverage of all popular payment methods that your customers are used to.
Useful dashboards that combine performance and reports into one interface.
Designed to match your resources, the need for personalization and startup speed.
Fully certified for standards such as PSD 2 and PCI
Artificial intelligence fraud protection and a rules-based risk ecosystem.
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A1 Pay is a flexible solution that adapts to the needs of customers.

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Online payments with A1 Pay in action. See how your customers pay quickly and easily. Learn the simple optimizations that A1 Pay provides.

  • Fast and easy integration directly to your website

  • Real-time payment monitoring

  • A full range of payment options so that you can provide customers with the experience they expect.


Automate your business processes with the A1 Pay subscription system

Just sign up, secure your database and make customers come back again and again.

Reduce missed payments due to retries and offline upgrade logic.

Works on any model - fixed price, as-used and uses flexible billing, monthly, quarterly or daily.


Get new suppliers with flexible payment options and reduce accounting and reconciliation issues.

Accept payment by link, corporate card.

Coordinate and match transactions and payouts effortlessly.

Faster settlements and payments in all major currencies.

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A1 Pay Guide

A brief introduction to using the service for beginners


Follow our guide to web integration in our API document environment.

Prices and commissions

See where you are charged for each transaction with transparent prices.

Payment method

Money transfer of funds directly to the bank card of your business.

Steps to get started with an online payment service

Contact us

Contact the sales department to determine the best configuration for your business and get an individual offer.

Free testing

We will help you set up a test account so that you can explore the features of our platform and make your first test payment.

Sign up and get on board

Our onboarding team will quickly guide you through setting up your account.


Set up your account settings, log in and start processing payments using A1Pay.

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