An online MARKETPLACE with built-in services for sellers and buyers from the republic of moldova

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A1 is a modern marketplace that combines the convenience of online shopping with fast order delivery and quality customer service.
Following the model of the American Amazon platform, A1 invites potential sellers to sell their goods and services on a functional platform with integrated payment and delivery services.


Advantages of A1 marketplace for buyers

Box search
A large assortment
Products and brands on the same resource
Shipping Box
Fast delivery
Purchases in the Republic of Moldova and abroad with the help of Such delivery service as: Nova Poshta, FedEx, UPS, Fancourier, Frisbo, DHL
Mobile Friendly
Mobile application
On iOS and ANDROID for online shopping on
Track changes
Tracking purchases
Online to track the route from the seller to the destination
Advanced search
Advanced search tools
Convenient search mode to quickly find the right products on the platform
Simple and secure payment methods
Using an Apple Pay / Google Play e-wallet or a bank card Visa / Mastercard
Affiliate program for buyers
Buyers can distribute or share the products listed on on the platform with friends, and if the product is purchased using their link, the partner receives a commission or bonus for each order
Gift system
A system designed for users who can set their own list of favorite or expected products, the list can be public or private, that is, intended for a limited group of people, the owner of the list will be able to see if one of the users has purchased this product

Advantages of A1 Marketplace for Sellers

Shopping bag
Modern and functional online store
With integrated payment systems
External link
Integrated systems
Of analytics, stocks and prices
Delivery truck
Integrated services
National and international shipping
Access to sustainable organic traffic
Visitors on the platform
Feedback system
Correct and honest
With a provider of national and international fulfillment services Frisbo
Eliberarea facturii-expres
Printing an express invoice
Immediately after payment of the order
Shopping bag
Separate checkout
A tool that allows money to flow directly into the seller's account, immediately after purchase on the site
Video gallery
Attaching video materials
On the listing of the product placed on the platform
Mobile friendly
Mobile application
On iOS and ANDROID for sellers, which allows you to manage orders directly from your phone