SIMPLE Intensive - Washing clothes and textiles in the washing machine, elegant gray

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SIMPLICOL Intensive - Dye for clothes and textiles in the washing machine.
TEXTILE PAINT: Quickly, cleanly and leaves no residue in the washing machine, dyes textiles. The innovative liquid formula of the Simplicol colorant dissolves immediately: for an intense uniform color, even in modern cars with water saving programs.
Ideal for dyeing white fabrics, refreshing colors and dyeing clothes and fabrics in the home.
Easy to use in washing machine at 40 ° C.

Quantity: 150 g + 400 ml

Number of uses: 1 use

Promises efficiency and sustainability: Guaranteed color fastness to washing.
Suitable for natural fibers (cotton, viscose, linen).
Suitable for mixed fibers with a synthetic content of up to 50% - depending on the proportion of synthetic fibers, it reduces the color intensity.

Important instructions:
Not suitable for:
a) Pure synthetic materials (e.g. polyester, polyamide and polyacrylic).
b) Microfibers (e.g. Goretex, Sympatex).
c) Synthetic materials with feather filling.
d) heavily worn fabrics, impregnated or unwashed.

Prints often remain visible after painting. Polyester seams and zippers are non-staining.
Stains, chlorine stains, heavily worn parts, worn jeans will not completely paint over.
You cannot dye synthetic fabrics such as polyester, polyamide, acrylic, nylon, specially finished fabrics, wool and silk. For wool and silk, we recommend the Simplicol Textile Dye expert.
If there are residues of paint on the parts of the machine, they can be wiped with a 5-10% chlorine solution.

Amount of fabric and intensity of color: the box will stain about 600 g of fabric at the maximum intensity (if necessary, weigh the dry fabric on a kitchen scale). This corresponds, for example, to a pair of jeans, three towels, four T-shirts, or one bath towel.
If you increase the amount of textiles or use mixed fabrics, you will get a less intense shade. For washing you can use max. 2 boxes of paint for 1200 g of linen.
The color indicated on the package is obtained when dyeing fabrics in white. Dyeing colored fabrics may change the shade slightly.
Note: a single subsequent wash is sufficient to remove paint residues from the fabric and the washing machine.
Safe for washing machine.
The dye does not damage the washing machine or subsequent washing of the laundry.
Does not fade in subsequent washings: SIMPLE Intensive paint has a long lasting effect. Colored fabrics can be washed according to the care instructions (cold up to 95 ° C).
All in the box
The box contains liquid dye and hairspray. You do not need to add salt separately.

! Instructions for use
Preparation: make sure the type of material is correct
The material must be clean and flawless.
Wash without conditioner.
The clean, damp material will be placed in the bath. Unscrew the bottle cap. Cut the envelope along the marked line. Both of them are placed directly on the textile materials of the drum. Do not add detergent! Run a regular cotton cycle at 40 ° C (do not use prewash, economy program) At the end of the wash cycle, remove the bag and bottle (service label) to fix the color and remove any excess paint.



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