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Size of the cast iron grill, round, for cooking: 54 cm / 2290 cm².

Cooking station dimensions: 31 x 27 cm.

Working height of the grate: 92 cm.

Working height of the cooking station and hob lugs: 88 cm.

Shredder of PPH Polyfill materials; dimensions: L 59.6 cm x 38.7 cm x 2.4 cm; weight: 1.7cm

Space required: width 162/129 cm x depth 71 cm (with lid closed) x height 111 cm.

Burner power: small burner 1.2 kW, large burner 8.5 kW, steak house 5.6 kW; 3.4 kW kiln lugs

Total power: only 18.7 kW;

Grill gas consumption (max.): 90 g / h small hotplate, 597 g / h large hotplate

Gas pressure: 30 mbar

Grill own weight (net): 150 kg

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Summer kitchen gas grill with many functions for simultaneous cooking, direct or indirect fire, at high or low temperatures, depending on what is required for each dish;

The “heart” of the grill is a large-diameter spherical grill equipped with 2 burners of different power and a patented funnel system that prevents the cookware from igniting spilled fat;

The round hob in the spherical grill can be equipped with a cast iron grill or an enamelled iron grill, depending on which dishes you want to cook (both grills are standard);

For the preparation of beef steaks, lamb cutlets, etc. A powerful steak-house frying station with a windscreen and a cast-iron grill (31 x 27 cm) is recommended;

The gas grill eyelet allows you to cook a variety of steak steaks in a pan or wok; it can also be used for boiling; equipped with a metal windscreen;

Sturdy stainless steel work table with large surface (approx. 60 x 40) for cooking and is equipped with hooks for accessories and grilling utensils; the table can be folded down so as not to take up space during the downtime of the barbecue;

The meat grinder (approx. 60 x 39 cm) from the standard grill is made in Switzerland, has a channel for collecting the steak juice and can be used as a lid for a cooking station and an eyelet for a stove;


a closed cabinet with a metal frame on all sides is easily maneuvered due to the handle provided on the side and is equipped with 4 lockable steering wheels;

wardrobe with a drawer for a spherical lattice and a swing door under the cooking station area;

spherical grill, frying station and hob eyelet are built into a robust stainless steel work surface that is easy to clean and safe for food contact;

the drawer is equipped with height-adjustable partitions and shelves for storing various barbecue accessories;

on the right side, behind the hinged door, there is a place for a gas cylinder, while the floor is lowered to facilitate the placement of large cylinders and to have easy access to the cylinder valve;

the entire space allotted for the bottle is thermally protected by a metal heating rack created by the frying station;

the spherical grill lid is equipped with a thermometer, a hinge system and a front handle for ergonomic and safe opening of the lid;

the spherical grill has 2 ring burners, one for low temperature cooking (slow and slow cooking) and a high power burner for normal cooking; burners work independently of each other, and, if necessary, at the same time;

the fats drained from the spherical grate are collected in a bowl, which can be accessed through the shearing zone, and the fats from the frying station are collected in a bowl accessible through the swing door;

the steak frying station consists of a 5.6 kW high power clamp-shaped stainless steel burner, stainless steel fire protection and a metal frame for wind protection;

elegant frontal control panel with control buttons for each burner and / or workstation;

light warning system - SAFE LIGHTING SYSTEM (SLS) with rechargeable batteries, brightness sensor for light adaptation SLS and wired charging equipment connected to 230V mains;

all components of the gas installation are pre-assembled at the factory, as well as the cabinet; refer to the build guide for more information;

multifunctional electric ignition, including battery;

autonomous frying station (Steak-House) with 2 powerful cast iron burners;

ideal bottom shelf for storing things;

an approved set of hoses and a gas regulator for a cylinder;


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