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Charcoal grill bowl

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Bonus points: 27 points
Material: coated steel


  • Cup height 32 cm x cup diameter 18.5 cm.
  • Height (including foot) 37cm x foot diameter 26cm

Weight: 2.42kg (3.1kg with packaging)
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  • Charcoal grill (can also be used for charcoal briquettes), provides safety and speed when lighting coals.
  • The metal tray, a type of support, makes it possible to ignite the coal of the lighter without polluting the terrace, without lighting the grass and plays the role of collecting the ash residues formed after lighting the coal.
  • The main handle is equipped with a metal shield that acts as a heat shield so that when using the ignition cup (for example, when you turn over the hot coals in the grill), it does not burn and at the same time has control over the direction of the coals on the grill.
  • The cylindrical shape with holes on the side of the ignition cup for coal plays the role of accelerating the ignition of the coals, the created air circulation makes it possible to ignite the coals or coal briquettes in 12-15 minutes. The ash generated by the ignition of the coals remains on the metal support of the pallet type, so there will no longer be any traces of ash or burning on the terrace tiles or in the garden grass.
  • At the top, the ignition cup has a beveled edge to make it easier to safely turn over hot coals in the grill.


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