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Defender Teter Gerber S

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  • Case: anodized aluminum, khaki green;
  • Carabinera: anodized aluminum, orange;
  • The cable is fixed with a cord hole, clamp and screw clamp;
  • Top-control carabiner relieves stress and secures instruments;
  • The locking system holds the carabiner;
  • Dyneema cable 91.5 cm long;
  • Wide input port;
  • Fastening ring.
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Keep valuable tools close at hand. The Defender Compact Tether is equipped with a snap hook for intuitive operation and stress relief and a locking system. Easy to transport with removable safety guard, large flexible clip and cord hole.

A fisherman who travels in the desert, gets caught in a strong current or fights in a kayak for a difficult catch needs good tools - they must be multifunctional and not heavy. Ultimately, fishing rope only has one usefulness - keeping the tools safe - and when it works well, it gives you peace of mind and added functionality.

Both the large and compact Defender ropes have been designed for control and can be secured using the top-mounted carabiner found in both versions. This carabiner slides over your finger to relieve line tension and makes it easier to use the linked tool.

The compact version of the Defender is ideal for keeping fishing tools close to your hand or body with the 91.5cm Dyneema cable, which is more suitable for lighter tools. The smaller size allows for additional carry options with a threaded handle that can be attached directly to a shirt, coat or belt. A locking clip holds the carabiner in place when not in use.

Gerber tools are designed to last a lifetime. For optimal performance, rinse the instrument with clean water and dry well with a clean towel. Lubricate hinges and moving parts with oil regularly.


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