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Gerber Neat Freak fishing scissors

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  • Double serrated blades
  • Warf Bont
  • Crimping pliers
  • Cord hole
  • Opener
  • Ergonomic BearHand Control ™:
  • Finger protection
  • Full smell
  • Wing handle for precision
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Don't settle for less; Precision cutting was the primary goal for which the Neat Freak Braided Line scissors were created. Fine-toothed blades and BearHand Control technology combine to create an ergonomic and reliable tool.

Fishermen, who are constantly on the street and are exposed to the wrath of nature, find it difficult to come to terms with the fact that their tackle will wear out at some point. When the scissors are worn out, they will gnaw at the thread. When the thread bites, it will be almost impossible to thread it through the loops or tie the knots, and you will not catch the fish. With Neat Freak scissors you have no doubt that your thread will be in good condition - they are built to work every time.

To create the best braided fishing scissors, Gerber has spent a lot of time carefully crafting a tool that can make the difference. It all started with a cut: small teeth cut right into the blade to create a surface that literally grabs the braided thread and holds it in place for precise cutting. In addition to these teeth, the blades are deliberately thickened to provide stability or contact between the blades when cutting. This is critical as it allows you to work continuously when cutting thick wire or even rope.

Tools inevitably wear out over time, especially with prolonged use in difficult conditions. Gerber wanted to combat this wear and tear and create an ergonomic tool that resulted in the development and production of the Neat Freak. Bearhand Control technology is a system of functions that together provide the user with increased control and comfort. Above all, the Precision Paddle ™ offers an extended finger leverage point when cutting or using pliers on the handle. Second, the large pointing device is positioned exactly where the finger naturally rests for a natural grip. Finally, the full shank design provides great strength so that the handle cannot be separated from the blades, which also allows for a cord hole that won't break.

Gerber tools are designed to last a lifetime. For optimal performance, rinse the instrument with clean water and dry well with a clean towel. Lubricate hinges and moving parts with oil regularly.


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