An entertaining game Crocodile (Russian)

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The famous game "Crocodile" will help you to show your artistic talents, quick wit and just have fun in the company of up to 6 people. It will be able to interest not only children, but also adults, will give the opportunity to have fun with the whole family, while developing attentiveness. In the game, you need to guess the word, object or action chosen by the presenter on one of the cards, a total of 265 tasks are provided. The leader should describe with facial expressions, movements, gestures what is indicated in the card - and no words or hints! And the rest of the players must guess the object depicted by the presenter. Hilarious laughter in this performance is guaranteed! Includes a set of 53 cards with various tasks. The words in the cards are in Russian. The one who guessed the word becomes the leader. The smartest wins. You can play in teams. The rules are simple, but the game will grab the participants from the first game. Age: 5+ Number of participants: up to 6; Material: cardboard; Set: 53 cards, instructions; Packing size: 19 x 12 x 4.5 cm.
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  • 6-12 years old
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