Trefl Rule Game 5 Seconds / 5 Seconds Rule (1475)

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Board game Trefl, 5 seconds
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The Victorina Trefl "5 seconds" table is a great way to have fun, only in this game you need to do everything quickly - think, react and act!
The goal of the game is in 5 seconds, the time is calculated, to answer 3 questions on the card. For example, name 3 desserts, 3 breeds of dogs, etc. If the player answers correctly, he can move his token forward on the playing field. The winner is the one who reaches the end first.
The game is perfect both for spending free time with your family and for an adult company. "5 Seconds" is a high-quality adaptation of the game in English "5 Second Rule", which became a real hit in the USA and European countries.
Number of players: from 3 to 6 people. If there are several players, you can split up into teams.
It is included in the kit?
  • 385 question cards on two sides (770 questions per game).
  • 12 question transfer cards.
  • 12 cards for changing questions.
  • 6 player cards of different colors.
  • Cardboard box.
  • The playing field on which dangerous zones are marked (where, if you answer the wrong answer, you move back).
  • Spiral clock.


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