HEITMANN Bleach Extra Strong Power, 250 g

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For bleaching white, colored and sensitive laundry (wool, natural silk). Whitening at any temperature.
Quantity: 250 g
Number of uses: 1-2 uses (for 3 kg of laundry)
Promise of efficiency and environmental protection: anti-corrosion for washing machine
For bright white
Suitable for use at 30 ° C - 95 ° C
Box made of 100% recycled paper Important instructions: Do not use with other cleaning agents or acids.
Store in a dry place.
Bleach is not used for body hygiene.
We recommend wearing rubber gloves.
People with respiratory conditions such as asthma will stop using the product in open containers and will use Heitmann Power bleach in the washing machine.
Synthetic fibers and stains caused by indanthrene dyes cannot be bleached.
For best results, leave the laundry in the solution overnight.
Do not use for colored laundry - significant discoloration is possible Textiles with this mark must not be bleached / discolored. Follow their maintenance instructions.
Instructions for use: Colored laundry should be checked before use:
Half a teaspoon of the powder is dissolved in a glass of hot water, and part of the material that is not visible is treated with the resulting solution.

Discoloration can occur if the color tone has not changed during the application of the solution or in the next 15 minutes (even for a short time - under supervision).
After washing and drying, it matches the original color tone. In a washing machine at 60–95 ° C.
Maximum amount: 2.5 kg of laundry.
Select the maximum allowed temperature and start the program without prewash.
Do not use detergents or fabric softener.
It takes only 15 minutes for the bleach to be added to the detergent drawer of the washing machine.
Add 2 liters of water immediately (for top-loading machines, directly into the tank of the machine).
A complete wash program is expected to start.
Wash again with detergent to remove any pigment residue from the fabric. Wash in a bucket at 30-60-95 ° C.
The maximum permissible temperature has been selected.
Maximum amount: 1.5 kg of laundry per bucket.
Pour about 6 liters of water into the bucket (30 ° C = body temperature, 60 ° C = 4 liters boiling water and 2 liters cold water, 95 ° C = 6 liters boiling water). Then dissolve half the amount of bleach.
The bag closes tightly.
Load the laundry with a wooden spoon, for example. They can be covered with a plate to drown completely.
The room must be well ventilated. Cover the bucket
Decay time:
30 ° C → 24 hours
60 ° C → 10 minutes
95 ° C → 2 minutes
Rinse and wash again with detergent to remove any pigment residue from the fabric.
Product number: 3105



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