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HEITMANN Pure Soda, 500 g

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PURE SODA: Multifunctional in the household.
Quantity: 500 g
Number of uses: depending on how to use. Adding 1-2 (10-20 g) tablespoons to 10 liters of water gives a solution usable between 25 and 50. Efficiency and environmental promises: for cleaning and sanitation in the home ...
Soda is a natural mineral
Removes dirt and stains.
Removes unpleasant odors such as milk, fish, onions.

Important instructions: Always wear rubber gloves, as the baking soda solution will strongly degrease the skin.
For sensitive surfaces, testing in a hidden area is recommended.
Follow the manufacturer's care instructions.
Not suitable for sensitive alkaline surfaces such as aluminum, wool and silk.

Instructions for use: Washing - Dosage: 1-2 (10-20 g) tablespoons per 10 liters of water.
Mix in a bowl, bucket, or valve.
Add baking soda to cold water.
Approx. put the laundry in for half an hour and let it soak overnight.
Blood stained laundry should always be soaked in cold water.
Then wash them as usual. Dishes - Dosage: 2-3 (20-30 g) tablespoons per 5 liters of water: Wash dirty milk dishes, thermoses, grinders and wooden spoons (used in the kitchen) with hot solution.
For deep fat, the solution will boil in deep fryers, pots, pans.
Clean dirty grease trays and baking trays with a hot solution.
Rinse jars for jam and marmalade first with hot solution and then with hot water. They are placed with the hole down on a clean towel. Objects - Dosage 4–5 (40–50 g) tablespoons per 5 liters of water: Refresh the refrigerator by rinsing it with baking soda.
Wash unpainted wooden fruit shelves with hot solution.
Wash out clogged stains or foul-smelling spills with hot solution.
Clean floors, bathtubs, sinks and shower trays with diluted solution and rinse well.
Pour the undiluted solution and leave to act in the toilet. Garden - Dosage: 4–5 (40–50 g) tablespoons per 5 liters of water: This way you can remove green algae deposits from stone slabs, walls or wooden fences with a brush. warm solution.
Careful! For floors made of delicate and valuable materials such as polished granite, check the less visible area first.
Doors and walls should be cleaned with hot mortar.
Rinse thoroughly with clean water before painting.
If you take pure soda, gypsum hardens more slowly.
You can remove ugly lime residues from flower pots by placing them in a bath with soda solution (1 teaspoon (3 g) per 1 liter) for several hours.

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