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HEITMANN Cleaning and maintenance solution for washing machines 3-in-1, 250 ml

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For removing limescale and unpleasant odors. Cleans, maintains and protects.
Quantity: 250 ml
Number of uses: 1 use
Promises of efficiency and the environment
Removes limescale with citric acid.
Thanks to surfactants, stubborn dirt is removed.
Formulated to resist biofilm formation
Clean and disinfect the vehicle.
Removes limescale deposits that can lead to malfunction, premature wear and higher energy consumption.
Remove the detergent and dirt that are causing the unpleasant odor. Important Instructions For heavily loaded machines, use only ½ the bottle (approx. 100 ml), as otherwise the machine may generate excess foam.
It will be used 2-3 times a year to protect the vehicle.
It is recommended that people with sensitive skin wear rubber gloves.
Do not mix with bleach or other cleaning agents Directions for use Remove the detergent drawer from the washing machine.
It should be soaked in a solution of 4 liters of warm water and a large dose (50 ml) of car cleaner for about 30 minutes and cleaned.
Moisten a cloth with a little cleaner and wipe the rubber gasket, door glass and rinse box space.
Let it sit for a bit and then wipe with a clean cloth.
Remove foreign objects from the gasket and clean the fluff screen.
Then place the rest of the garment in the main washing compartment of your machine.
Start the main wash cycle at a temperature of at least 60 ° C without prewash, detergents or laundry.

Article number: 3374


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