SIMPLICOL Back-to-Black Paint for refreshing / revitalizing color in the washing machine (black), 750 g

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Color to liven up the color. To make your black clothes look like the day you bought them. With Simplicol Back-to-Black, you can easily and reliably update your color in just one wash. Color fastness to subsequent washings is guaranteed.
Easy to use in washing machine at 40 ° C.

Quantity: 750 g
Number of uses: 1 use
Promises efficiency and sustainability: Guaranteed color fastness to washing.
Suitable for natural fibers (cotton, viscose, linen).
Suitable for mixed fibers with a synthetic content of up to 50% - depending on the proportion of synthetic fibers, it reduces the color intensity.

Important instructions:
Not suitable for:
a) Pure synthetic materials (e.g. polyester, polyamide and polyacrylic).
b) Microfibers (e.g. Goretex, Sympatex).
c) Synthetic materials with feather filling.
d) heavily worn fabrics, impregnated or unwashed.

The packaging is designed for quantities from 600 g of dry fabrics (for intense colors) to 1600 g of textiles (for less intense colors).
Good to know: The dye does not damage the washing machine. One wash cycle is enough to remove paint residues from the washing machine. The paint has a long-lasting effect. Colored fabrics can be washed according to the care instructions (cold up to 95 °).

Directions for use: Preparation: Make sure the type of material is correct.
The material must be clean and flawless.
Wash without conditioner.
Color enhancement: clothes are turned upside down and ventilated in the car.
The bag with the paint mixture will be opened by cutting off the top edge and placed in the washing machine.
Adjust the dyeing temperature (see Care Label), wash textiles at 30 ° C, dye at 30 ° C, wash textiles at 40-95 ° C, dye at 40 ° C.
Run a “light” wash program without prewash and, if possible, set the water level to a high.
Let the program run through all rinse and spin cycles.
After dyeing, the garment is washed again with detergent at the maximum allowed temperature (see Care Label), the color of the dyed linen becomes resistant to washing.

Article number: 2511


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