Ansmann Powerline 8 Smart Charger with Discharge Function, including USB connector, for 1-8 AA / AAA (NiMH / NiCd) cells (1001-0006)

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Automatic charger designed to charge 1-8 Ni-MH / Ni-Cd rechargeable batteries
Microprocessor control of status and charging process
USB charging port
Works from a network of 100-240V

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ANSMANN Powerline 8 is an easy-to-use tool for 1-8 AA and AAA batteries. Ideal for users who require frequent replacement of large numbers of fingers. The built-in USB port allows you to charge your smartphone, mobile phone or other compatible devices (5).

  • Discharge function to restore long-stored batteries, increase their capacity
  • Individual control of each charging slot
  • Multi-stage battery overcharge protection - -ΔV detection and safety timer
  • Trickle charging mode (trickle charging) - maintaining the charge with low current (~ 25mA)
  • Identifying faulty batteries and non-rechargeable (primary) cells
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • LED indicators show the status of the charging process of each slot
  • Wide input voltage range from 100 to 240 for use in any country in the world
  • 3 years warranty

Specifications: Input: power supply - 100-240V ~ 60 / 50Hz 350mA, charger - 12V 1.5A Output: 8 x 1.45V - cylindrical batteries 5V 1A - USB port Charging currents 8 x 1.45V 500mA === - AA, AAA 1 x 5V === max 1000mA - USB device


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