Tripod Hama Star Pro 63 "(4163)

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  • The mobile 3D head provides ideal orientation for horizontal and large format recordings.
  • Changing room quick change plate
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  • Camera tripod for clear images and stability on uneven surfaces, suitable for cameras and video
  • Tripod for clear images and stability on uneven surfaces, suitable for camcorders and photo cameras
  • The 3D spherical head allows you to perfectly match portrait or landscape shots.
  • Quick release plate for quick device change
  • Air bubble level built into the tripod head with ampoule at the base
  • Equipped with a device for continuously adjusting the height of the center column.
  • Rubber handles and feet for stable installation on uneven surfaces
  • Thanks to the quick fixing devices of the legs, the tripod can be quickly fixed in the desired position or at the desired height.
  • A pen
  • Equipped with a hook to stabilize the tripod in high wind conditions or on uneven surfaces.
  • Quick release plate: art. Hama no. 00004154


  • A bright star from Hama

    Passionate photographers should have no shortage of a good and sturdy tripod for certain photographs. The camera does not need to be moved to avoid blurry images and high quality photos. The tripod is ideal for self-portraits and group photos in which no one can hold the camera, as well as for long exposures or photographs taken in nature or other conditions where details need to be clear and vivid.

    Enjoy your passion and take great professional photos with this ultra-portable and versatile Star 63 tripod. The tripod can be used for both camcorders and cameras, and the rubber feet ensure stable installation on a variety of surfaces. The aluminum construction provides a strong and stable support for cameras weighing up to 4 kg, while being lightweight, making it easy to transport and take great photos on the go.

    So that you can reach multiple heights (from 66 to 166 cm) and capture photos and videos from the ideal vantage point, the Star 63 tripod has a fully adjustable center stand in different situations, which can be adjusted with a single movement in the air. a bubble level to level the camera; and a three-way adjustable head that can be moved at different angles and slightly rotated for professional video production. The 1/4 '' (6.4mm) thread also allows you to easily mount your camera on a tripod and swap cameras quickly, so you never miss an important shot.
    Great buy, the tripod comes with a carrying case that can be tightened and transported safely. Whether on a hike or an important event, on your next vacation you will always be ready for any photographic event thanks to the Star 63 tripod!

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  • Tripod 1 "Star Pro 63"
  • 1 bag


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