HEXBUG Scorpio (409-6592)

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The Hexbug Scorpion is a new standalone insect toy. The robo-scorpion moves very realistically: quickly turning over with its pincers, the scorpion b. Its long, massive and forward-curved tail swiftly stings its prey, and the two front ones are shortened.

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Hexbug's unique arthropod comes in a variety of colors ranging from ruby red to emerald green, but also vibrant colors on the tough carapace. admiration for both its similarity to the original and its uniqueness.

The toy scorpion robot is powered by three AG-13 batteries included in the kit.

Opinions about Hexbug Scorpion Red:

Bright colors

Scorpion robots come in five colors. The plastic is translucent, so you can see the mechanical elements inside the toy.

Mechanical claws

Scorpio uses pincers to push off walls and keep moving. Plus they look great.

Mechanical tail

The robot's tail and pincers wiggle as the robot scorpion chases its prey.

Batteries are already included

Exbag scorpion functions thanks to three AG-13 batteries, which are originally installed in the robot. To replace the screwdriver.

Global characteristics


Инструкция EN (409-6592_Scorpion_IS_GL_Rev1_OL.pdf, 3,276 Kb) [Download]

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