Fast charge / data cable Hama, USB-C to Lightning, 1 m (183295)

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High Speed for iPhone: We Do the Impossible with the Fast Charge Cable! The Power Delivery charger and our high-speed cable deliver maximum performance - up to 35% faster than standard iPhone charging accessories.

  • USB-C connection and new Lightning connector supports fast charging of iPhone iPhone with a charger (PD)
  • Easy and quick connection thanks to the USB-C connector that can be used on both sides
  • High mechanical strength
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USB-C Lightning

You are proud to receive your new Apple iPhone, which includes a charging cable and power adapter, and then get frustrated with charging: it lasts forever. Get ready for maximum power; something equally worthy of an iPhone!


The Hama Fast Charge Cable not only allows you to establish a data connection with USB-C devices through the Lightning port on your iPhone; It will also satisfy you when it comes to download speed. With standard Apple-supplied charging accessories, charging speeds are similar to a quiet walk outside the city. However, if you use our iPhone USB-C charging cable (works with iPhone 8 and newer) with the Power Delivery charger, you can charge at maximum speed and efficiency (up to 18W).

Drawings. By using the USB-C to Lightning fast charging cable in conjunction with the Power Delivery car charger, you can charge your iPhone XS up to 50% in 25 minutes.

By comparison, standard chargers charge a 50 percent battery in about 50 minutes.
Forgot to connect your iPhone to charge in the evening? It doesn't matter: use your daily commute to charge your iPhone and be available again without worrying about whether your battery is sufficiently charged. From now on, with PD charging cable and car charger, you will be at high speed!


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