A1 guarantees you your very own store on a trusted marketplace where customers search for the right products .

With Frisbo, you get the ability to store, pack and deliver goods, all in one service , perfectly synchronized with your online store.

Customers who are already cooperating with A1 and Frisbo:

What A1 stands for and how it helps you sell more
(what is a marketplace)

A1 Platform is an online store designed to help local manufacturers and sellers sell their products and services online by providing them with the resources and tools they need, including integrated payment and courier services, consultation and technical support.

Among the main advantages of a marketplace for entrepreneurs are not only low costs , store maintenance, but also getting new customers . Plus, A1 offers a large audience of potential customers who know they can find a wide variety of products in one place.

Another benefit is that marketplaces enjoy a certain level of trust from buyers, and most of them will make repeat purchases on the platform.

Among the main advantages provided by the A1 platform to sellers is a custom store with an unlimited number of products and options for promoting products on the platform. In addition, A1 offers vendors a mobile application with which they can manage their balances and orders, as well as process automation tools to optimize their business.

Marketplace advantages

Hosting and custom subdomain

5000 product categories and about 13,000 filters for products uploaded to the site.

Separate checkout - after placing an order, money does not come immediately to the account of the seller

Express invoice is generated immediately after ordering

Advanced analytics and automation system

A mobile application for sellers on iOS and ANDROID, which will allow you to control and manage processes directly from your device

Processes are automated and compatible with 1C and other programs

Individual SEO for an A1 registered store

A1 Marketplace offers a reliable review system

Social media advertising services and paid targeted traffic

Fast delivery throughout the country and now also fulfillment services in cooperation with the international company Frisbo!

What Frisbo offers and how their services will help sell your product (what are the benefits for sellers)

Frisbo automates the storage, packaging and delivery of orders for you as soon as they are purchased on A1 .

You get access to trusted services across Europe , along with the best courier deals, all in one unique platform that syncs perfectly with your A1 merchant account.

Don't waste your evenings and weekends, use Frisbo.


Your merchandise is safely stored in the Frisbo lounges

Pick & pack

When products are purchased from your online store, they are immediately packed by dedicated staff

Next day delivery

Our algorithm selects all couriers and analyzes their offers to ensure you get the best service.


What benefits does Frisbo give you?

Store Integration

All of your sales channels are automatically synced to a single fulfillment dashboard so you can easily track and manage order and inventory processing in one place.

Acceptance of leftovers

Your goods go directly to the Frisbo lounges, so all you see is the goods being delivered and the profits

Balance management

You keep your assortment in one place, where the availability of your products is updated in real time, so you always know when you need to buy an item before the current one runs out.

Invoice generation and tracking

You and your customers can always check the status of any order, because you have access to constantly updated data from couriers for each delivery.

Pick & Pack

With every sale, dedicated staff are instantly notified of product selection, careful packaging and fast courier delivery.

Relations with couriers

Don't worry about shipping anymore. We will take care of everything so that all orders reach your customers.

Returns management

We take care of you and the processing of returns through fulfillment so that no product goes missing.

Customer relationship

Our team is always ready to help you when you or your clients are experiencing difficulties.