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On holidays you get a lot of gifts, but not always what you wanted. Over time, you tried to give your friends and relatives little hints and let them know what you want. But still still get gifts that you don't like.

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A1 Marketplace - Gift Registry - This tool will help you choose the right gift, and friends and family can contribute to its acquisition.
This magic list can be shared in a family chat, your loved ones will follow the instructions given on the Gift Registry. And on the specified date, finally, you will enjoy all the gifts that you have received.
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If you don't know what gifts to choose for your loved ones or what gift you want for yourself, look at the list of products that are on A1 and choose the most suitable one for you.
The most popular options selected by A1 customers, which are suitable in any case, are sets of wine and sweets, sets of cosmetics and for care.
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Sets with aromatic products for home or office are also in demand.
On Gift Registry you will find a gift for the little ones too! The best gifts the sets of puzzles or board games chosen by our clients are, kids love them!

Are you trying Gift Registry for the first time?

To make an order for a gift from the list of desired goods of a loved one, you need access to this list. Thus, the owner of the list provides an access link through which everyone can view the list of desired products, and by selecting the right one, you can order it.

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Choose the right gift for yourself and your loved ones! See gift offers on

Create your own event and see how the gift list works! Help your loved ones to give you the right gift, invite them to see your list of desired gifts!