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How to buy

How do I buy?

Search the site for the product you want

you can search for it directly in the search field or by navigating through the product categories in the menu displayed on the left.

To view the selected products and complete the order

go to the shopping cart icon in the upper right corner and select the "View Cart" button.

On the checkout page, enter all the details to register the order

personal data, preferred delivery method, delivery details. Check the box accepting the Terms and Conditions, then complete the order.

Add the desired products to the shopping cart

cart by accessing the "Add to cart" button. You can go directly to the order processing by accessing the "Processing" button in the pop-up window that appears after you add a product to the cart, or you can continue browsing the site, and complete the order later.

Check the order

before confirming it, and access the "Checkout.

After completing the order

you will receive a confirmation email, which will contain the ID - the order number, the status of its processing and the estimated delivery time.


  • How are A1 payments made?

    Payments on A1 simplify the payment process for products purchased on, using the information already stored in personal accounts on the A1 Marketplace platform. To make a payment, you can use any of the payment methods in your A1 account.

  • What payment methods are available on A1?

    The A1 platform has 2 payment methods
    - Online payment with Paynet electronic wallet
    - Online payment with Visa or Mastercard bank card

  • How do I access payments on the A1 platform?

    If you already have an A1 account, you only need to accept the Terms and Conditions when making a purchase on the platform. There is no separate registration process.

  • Is my payment information shared with merchants?

    We do not share your credit card, debit card, or bank account number with merchants registered on the platform. The trader receives only the information necessary to complete and support the transaction. This information may include your name, email address, and shipping address.

  • How much does it cost to use the A1 payment system?

    It's free. Using A1 payments does not add fees to your transactions on the platform. Your purchase does not involve transaction fees, membership fees, currency conversion fees, foreign transaction fees and other fees. However, your card issuer may add a fee for foreign transactions if your card was issued in a country other than the merchant's, as well as any other fees described in your card's terms and conditions.

  • How do I track the order placed on A1?

    After you have registered the order, you can see it from your customer account, in the "My Orders" section.

    1. Access the "Account Details" icon
    2. Go to the "Track Order" box below
    3. Enter the order ID
    4. Track the status of the order

Product delivery

Costs & delivery terms
What are the delivery costs on A1

Rates and delivery time depend on shipping speed, weight / size of items and geographical area of delivery

How do I determine the rates and delivery times on A1?

To determine the rate and shipping time applicable to items in the cart:
- Select Order Processing
- Select or add the shipping address on the checkout page
- Select the shipping method
- Select the payment method and confirm the order.

* The total cost of shipping and delivery, as well as the estimated date of delivery, will be displayed on the checkout page.

Delivery options
Which delivery companies does A1 work with

A1 Marketplace collaborates with national and international courier companies such as

NovaPosta DHL Frisbo FedEx UPS
Global shipping rates

The cost of shipping items in each product category varies depending on the item, parameters, and shipping option.

A1 works closely with courier partners to provide customers with an impeccable shipping experience. Exact shipping charges are calculated at the time of payment based on the number of items, type of item, weight and volume of all items in the cart. The total cost of delivery is calculated by adding a basic cost "per order" and the various costs "per item". The cost "per item" depends on the item and is based on the quantity of items, weight or volume of each package. Rates vary from the basic rate, depending on the items in the cart. The final rates can be seen on the checkout page at the order payment stage.
Costul total de livrare este calculat prin adăugarea unui cost de bază „per comandă” și a diferitelor costuri „per articol”. Costul „per articol” depinde de articol și se bazează pe cantitatea de articole, greutatea sau volumul fiecărui pachet. Tarifele variază de la tariful de bază, în funcție de articolele din coș. Tarifele finale pot fi văzute pe pagina de checkout la etapa de plată a comenzii.

About customs, fees and taxes

When you order from, you are responsible for ensuring that the product can be legally imported to your destination.

Recipients of international shipments may be subject to import duties and customs duties (hereinafter "Import duties") levied by the customs office of your destination of shipment. Import duties vary according to the customs regulations of the country of destination. The components that play a role in the calculation of import duties are (among others):

- Product category and price
- Transport costs and package weight
- Customs channel
- Import duties based on customs duties

The consignee is considered an importer and must comply with all applicable laws and regulations in the country of destination. Customs delays may affect initial delivery estimates.

Customs policies vary widely, and some countries do not charge import duties for shipments that fall below a minimum value. For more information, contact the customs office of the country of destination.

General delivery policies
Delivery guarantee

We offer guaranteed delivery at certain delivery speeds and selected products. When guaranteed delivery is available for an order, we will indicate this on the payment page, with the associated delivery date and cost.

If we offer a guaranteed delivery date and no delivery attempt is made by that date, we will refund all shipping charges associated with that order.

See the Terms and Conditions for more details.

General delivery conditions

The delivery of the goods / services ordered by the Buyer will be made by the method selected by him, on the delivery date mentioned in the Order Form and at the delivery point indicated by the Buyer. Only one delivery address is accepted for each order.

The term of delivery or supply of goods / services will depend directly on their availability in the active stock, the mode or means of delivery offered by the courier companies, chosen by the Buyer, during the working days. Also, the term of delivery / supply of goods or services may be changed unilaterally by A1 or by the Seller, depending on weather conditions, or other circumstances, which affect delivery within the time indicated in the Purchase Order, with immediate notification of To the buyer.

More information:
Receiving orders

Upon delivery, it is necessary for the Buyer to present the identity documents based on which the personal data were registered on the A1 platform / application, to verify the contents of the package corresponding to the order placed in the presence of the specialized Courier and to sign the receipt. Any subsequent complaint regarding the lack / damage of some elements of the received package, will not be accepted by the Seller.

The buyer is obliged to be at the time and place indicated in the Order Form, in order to receive the ordered goods / services. If the Buyer is not to be found at the place and time indicated in the Purchase Order, his package will be returned to the warehouse, to be delivered on another day, for an additional payment.

Delivery restrictions

Certain restrictions prevent us from delivering certain products to all geographical locations. Restrictions on certain items may require the buyer to provide additional information to ship the item.

You will be notified of payment if we are unable to ship certain items to the selected address. Please also check the product detail pages for any item-specific shipping restrictions.

Whenever possible, product detail pages filter out offers that can't be shipped to your delivery address. To determine your shipping location, we'll use the default delivery address when you sign in to your account; otherwise, we will use your IP address.

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