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When an A1 customer buys a product on the platform, the order can be shipped either through the A1 Fulfillment service, the integrated courier services, or directly by the seller.
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Free delivery, storage, removals and returns

Try A1 Fulfillment now and benefit from product storage & packaging, efficient order processing and fast delivery to the customer.

Delivery methods

1. A1 & Frisbo Fulfillment

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How does A1 & Frisbo Fulfillment work?

When you register your store on A1 Marketplace, you can opt for the A1 Fulfillment service, offered by the international company Frisbo, to benefit from storage, packaging, delivery, refund and processing services. of returns for your products.

With Frisbo you can sell online safely, fully automating the processes of storage, packaging and delivery of orders.

Frisbo offers reliable warehouses, along with the best courier deals, all in a set of services perfectly synchronized with A1 Marketplace.

What Frisbo offers and how their services will help sell your product (what are the benefits for sellers)

Frisbo automates the storage, packaging and delivery of orders for you as soon as they are purchased on A1 .

You get access to trusted services across Europe , along with the best courier deals, all in one unique platform that syncs perfectly with your A1 merchant account.

Don't waste your evenings and weekends, use Frisbo.


Your merchandise is safely stored in the Frisbo lounges

Pick & pack

When products are purchased from your online store, they are immediately packed by dedicated staff

Next day delivery

Our algorithm selects all couriers and analyzes their offers to ensure you get the best service.


Advantages of A1 Fulfillment

  • The Frisbo partner company handles logistics so you can manage what matters most to you.
  • Eliminate routine operations and get support to scale your business.
  • Outsource storage, customer support, and returns.
  • Improve your options for delivering orders as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • There is no minimum number of units and no obligation to use FBA1 for all your products. You are free to customize your strategy to meet the needs of your online business.

What are the Fulfillment Costs?

The calculator can help you estimate the costs of storing and processing your products and orders.

2. Courier delivery

Delivery of products sold on A1 Marketplace can be done through the integration of courier services with the A1 Marketplace platform. For domestic deliveries, the courier service Nova Poshta is used, and you can generate express delivery invoices directly from your personal office; and for international deliveries you benefit from the services offered by DHL , FedEx , UPS & Frisbo - automatically integrated with the A1 platform.

If desired, the sellers can also make the delivery with the help of their own courier service, or in person.

3. Personal delivery

The sellers have the opportunity to deliver their products personally, if they have the necessary resources and desire. They also have the ability to combine all three delivery methods available on A1 Marketplace - fulfillment, courier services provided by partner companies, and individual delivery.


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