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  • How to pay for the ordered product?

    Payment for ordered goods can only be made by credit card on the checkout / payment page.

  • Is payment by card a secure transaction?

    All card payments on the marketplace are secure. A1 Marketplace guarantees each buyer a refund directly to the buyer's bank card.

  • Can I place orders from another country on the marketplace?

    Yes, you can order and pay for goods from any country on the marketplace. Delivery will be made to the requested address.

  • How much does it cost to deliver the goods?

    Shipping costs are calculated in real time. On the page of each product you are viewing, you can see the cost of delivery of the product depending on the city of delivery. Likewise, the shipping cost of the items will be displayed on the checkout / checkout page.

  • What are the delivery times for the ordered goods?

    Delivery terms are displayed online on the viewed product page as well as on the checkout / checkout page. It also displays information about the courier company that will deliver.

  • Is delivery available throughout the country?

    Yes, delivery is carried out to any locality or city in the country.

  • Is international delivery possible?

    Yes, we ship to any country. International shipping terms and costs will be displayed on the product page and on the checkout page.

  • Who sells the products on the marketplace?

    The goods on the trading floor are sold by sellers who are legal entities registered in the Republic of Moldova, as well as from other countries. Seller information and contacts are displayed on every product page as well as on the direct seller page.

  • How can I find out more about a product?

    For more product information, contact the seller of the selected product. You can do this by phone or write to the seller directly on the site.

  • I received the wrong item / damaged item and want a refund.

    A request for a return of the ordered product can be made directly from the buyer's personal account, go to the heading my orders, select the desired order and click on "request a replacement or refund", indicate the required data on the page and the reason for the return, you can also track all your requests for refunds in your account by going to the section my refunds. If the return has been accepted, we strongly recommend that you follow the instructions for returning the product. You can view the instructions for returning an item by clicking here . If you have any doubts, we strongly recommend that you call us or write to us for more information.

  • Who can sell goods online on the A1 marketplace?

    A1 Marketplace offers a platform for online trading of goods only to legal entities registered in the Republic of Moldova or other countries.

  • Does A1 cooperate with courier companies?

    A1 Marketplace sellers who want to offer their customers international shipping services through DHL, UPS, FedEx must have an agreement and open an account in the operating system of the company you want to work with. The account data will be used directly in the personal account of each seller who requests this service. Related information about price and delivery times will be automatically displayed on the checkout page or product page.

  • How will a seller receive order notifications from buyers on A1 Marketplace?

    All orders are displayed directly in the personal account of each seller on the trading platform. Access to the account is provided from the moment the seller's account is registered on the trading platform. Likewise, sellers automatically receive order notifications by email or through a mobile app available to sellers and buyers.

  • How do I ship orders received from A1 Marketplace buyers?

    Delivery of orders received from customers can be carried out directly from your warehouse, store or office.

  • Can sellers sync stocks on marketplace A1 with stocks in their personal warehouse?

    Yes, in order to offer our customers a pleasant and high-quality service, A1 offers the ability to synchronize stocks with sellers' warehouses. The process is quite easy and synchronization with almost any system is possible.

  • If we do not have a warehouse, store or office, does A1 Marketplace offer fulfillment services?

    Yes, if you want to automate your online trading processes, A1 Marketplace offers fulfillment services. You can deliver the stock of products sold on the marketplace to warehouse A1, and when an online order is made, A1 will accept the order, pack the goods, apply all the necessary labels and deliver the product ordered online directly to the buyer at the requested address. We will also issue tax invoices for legal clients. All processes are automated and do not require any intervention or notification through phone calls, messages or emails from sellers.

  • How do we get money after selling goods on the marketplace?

    Each merchant on the marketplace has a separate checkout from the Paynet processing company, which is a partner for online payment processing on the marketplace. The money collected from buyers from the sale of goods is transferred directly to the seller's personal Paynet account.

  • How do I register a merchant account on A1 Marketplace?

    To use a merchant account on A1 Marketplace, you must meet the minimum registration requirements. You need to be an authorized legal entity, sign a product commercialization agreement on the A1 marketplace, sign an online payment processing agreement with Paynet.

  • What fees does A1 Marketplace charge sellers?

    A1 Marketplace does not charge merchants for creating an account. The only commission that A1 charges is the transaction fee for the product on the marketplace. The commission varies depending on the category the product is sold in and is automatically charged from the moment the product is purchased. A1 commission is calculated based on the selling price of the product on the marketplace. The commissions received are reflected in the merchant's personal online account on the A1 platform, as well as in the Paynet merchant's account.

  • What happens when we receive a request to return a product sold on A1 Marketplace?

    All requests for the return of goods are reflected in the seller's office. According to current legislation, each buyer has the right to return the purchased product within 14 days from the date of purchase without giving any reason. Sellers on Marketplace A1 are required to return the money received for the product sold to the buyers.

  • How do I get my customers refunded in the event of a refund?

    You can return funds to customers by logging into your Paynet account, this is a simple procedure that is performed from your account by clicking the return button. For more information, we strongly recommend that you consult Paynet technical support or call A1 Marketplace consultants for support in this process.

  • How can I view the sales agreement for a product on A1 Marketplace?

    You can download a sample contract for the sale of products on the A1 Marketplace on the Internet by clicking on the following link..

  • How long does the merchant registration process take?

    The registration process takes about 5-7 working days from the date of receipt of all the documents required to sign the contract. All processes are performed online and remotely.

  • Does A1 offer a detailed video tutorial for learning workflows on an online platform?

    Yes, the A1 marketplace offers the opportunity to learn and explore the online processes involved in account setup, automation, marketing, promotion and all workflows. The video guide is provided free of charge and is available to anyone who wants to develop their online business on the A1 marketplace. Also, if you think that you need a personal consultant to help you integrate into the online market, this is an opportunity, but this service is paid. You can view the cost of consulting services on the page.


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